Philippines' Duterte says he will resign if enough women protest his kiss with married woman

By On June 06, 2018

Philippines' Duterte says he will resign if enough women protest his kiss with married woman

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has defended kissing a married woman on the lips on a recent trip to South Korea, and said he will resign if enough women are offended and sign a petition calling for him to step down.

Duterte has described it as “pure showbiz” intended to entertain a crowd of Filipino expatriates. Feminists called it his “perverted way” of taunting female critics who are angered by frequent derogatory comments, some of a sexual nature.

“If there are enough women t o ... Well I think if all women here would sign a petition for me to resign, I will resign,” Mr Duterte told a media briefing upon is return from his official visit to South Korea.

Social media was abuzz with photos and videos of Mr Duterte on stage asking an unidentified woman from an audience of Filipinos to kiss him in exchange for a book he was handing out. The woman, who appeared excited to see him in person, agreed.

Mr Duterte enjoys a rock star status among Filipinos and has a cult-like following among those living overseas. He said kissing women was his “style” during his 22 years as a mayor in D avao City prior to becoming president.

“During the campaign in my mayorship days, I kiss every woman there, lips to lips”, the 73-year old leader said. “The problem is you don’t know me.”

Mr Duterte’s controversial remarks about women include several public jokes about rape. But these have not dented his domestic support and many Filipinos view his politically incorrect, earthy language as part of his appeal.

The most con troversial quotes from Rodrigo Duterte

9 show all The most controversial quotes from Rodrigo Duterte

1/9 On killing drug addicts

“These sons of whores are destroying our children. I warn you, don’t go into that, even if you’re a policeman, because I will really kill you. If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful”

2/9 Message to China

“I will go there on my own with a Jet Ski, bringing along with me a [Phillipino] f lag and a pole, and once I disembark, I will plant the flag on the runway and tell the Chinese authorities, ‘Kill me’ ” AP

3/9 Christmas message to law-breakers

“If you do not want to stop, and just continue committing crimes, then this would be your last Merry Christmas” AP

4/9 On sex life

“I was separated from my wife. I’m not impotent. What am I supposed to do? Let this hang forever? When I take Viagra, it stands up” AFP/Getty Images

5/9 On the dr ugs trade

“None of my children are into illegal drugs. But my order is, even if it is a member of my family, ‘kill him'" AP

6/9 Insulting the Pope

“We were affected by the traffic. It took us five hours. I asked why, they said it was closed. I asked who is coming. They answered, the pope. I wanted to call him: ‘Pope, son of a wh**e, go home. Do not visit us again’” AFP/Getty Images

7/9 Joke about rape

“I saw her face and I thought, 'What a pity... they raped her, they all lined up. I was mad she was raped but she was so beautiful. I thought, the mayor should have been first” AFP/Getty

8/9 Insulting Barack Obama

"Mr Obama should be respectful and refrain from throwing questions at me about the killings, or son of a bitch, I will swear at you in that forum" REUTERS

9/9 On Abu Sayyaf Islamic militants

"If I have to face them, you know I can eat humans. I will really open up your body. Just give me vinegar and salt, and I will eat you. If you annoy me to the fullest... I will eat you alive. Raw" EPA

Women’s rights advocates in the Philippines recently launched an online #BabaeAko (I Am A Woman) campaign to send a message that they were not taking Duterte’s “sexist” statements sitting down.

Presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo said the kiss showed Mr Duterte’s caring, fatherly character, and the recipient in Seoul enjoyed the moment.

“She did it willingly and excitedly, she was tickled pink,” he told the ANC news channel.


Source: Google News Philippines | Netizen 24 Philippines

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