Nothing wrong with Chinese ship docking in Philippines: presidential spokesperson

By On July 17, 2018

Nothing wrong with Chinese ship docking in Philippines: presidential spokesperson

MANILA, July 17 (Xinhua) -- The spokesman of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday that there is nothing wrong with a Chinese vessel docking at the Philippines' ports, adding that only those who harbor anti-Chinese sentiments will find it "objectionable."

"All ships from countries with whom the Philippines maintains friendly ties, may dock at our ports. Chinese survey ships, just like U.S. warships, may dock at our ports. Only those afflicted with Sinophobia will find the routine incident objectionable," spokesman Harry Roque said.

Roque was reacting to new reports that a Chinese research vessel docked on Monday night in Duterte's home city of Davao in the southern Philippines.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the docking of the vessel, Yuan Wang 3, was coordinated with the Department of Foreig n Affairs (DFA) of the Philippines.

"The docking was given approval," he said.

Philippine Navy spokesman Jonathan Zata said the ship arrived at Davao City on Monday and will leave on Thursday morning.

"They are here for a replenishment as granted by the diplomatic clearance issues by higher authorities. This is a routine ship visit similar to any other foreign ships wishing to call on our ports," Zata said.

Zata added, "It's completely routine, nothing unusual about the visit. We had Chinese warships calling on our ports in the past the same as with any other warships from other countries."

On June 8, a Chinese transport plane Ilyushin II-76, en route to New Zealand, also landed at the Davao City international airport for refueling.

Roque said the flight was given an entry and exit permit "like any other flights" by the Philippine government.

"The same courtesy is extended to Philippine government aircraft when technical stops need to be undertaken," he added.

Roque wondered why some people, usually the critics of the Duterte administration, are making a fuss over the visits of either Chinese plane or ship.

Source: Google News Philippines | Netizen 24 Philippines

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